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A non-refundable retainer fee of $50 is required prior to booking to secure a date & time for a shoot

Real Estate

Vertical Content (Reels)
Vertical Content is perfect for social media. They are formatted to fit in instagram reels/Tik Toks and applies a great advantage to gaining views to your page

Whats Included:
- short 10-30 sec vertical video
-professionally shot and edited
- Features Trending Music and Sounds to help get more views!!!
- 1-3 day Turnaround

Individual reels:


Package Deal
3 for $500

Cinematic Highlight
Cinematic Highlights provide a preview of the property by focusing the viewers attention to the most visually appealing elements of your listing - kitchen, bathroom,  master suite, landscape. They're longer than reels and fit horizontally on your screen so it works great for Instagram and websites. This package comes with a base price and add-ons to help create your ideal video

Whats included:
-1-2 min. Horizontal video featuring all the Visually Appealing parts of your listings
- conceptualized, Professionally Shot & Edited
- Cinematic B-roll
- Copyright free music so it can be shared Anywhere
- quick turnaround if necessary  

 Base Price

- Aerial Footage
-Agent Intro
Professional HDR Photos (30-50)


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